STEAM Curriculum

RACER 101 (1:10 RV Car)

When car racing comes to people mind it is purely entertainment-oriented, in fact science, engineering, art, technology and math (STEAM) is just everywhere. From design, create, build up to tear down these five core components are critical to success on track.

PILOT 101 (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/ Drone)

Same logic as motor car, UVA/ Drone involves lots of STEAM topics.  FSA targets to let the kids to understand a range of STEAM concepts thru realistic and interactive way.  No flight experience required.

ROBOT 101 (Robotics)

To build a robot it is a combination of electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.  What is the mechanism behind?  How to make it totally control by us and perform what we expected?  How to make it look appealing?  Let’s have the program together to find out the answers.

CODER 101 (Coding)

It is no doubt that coding is the new type of digital “language” and has the equal importance as learning English or Mandarin. In short, coding is giving instructions to a computer in order to produce a desired outcome.  It is recommended that the sooner the kids learn to code, the better their chance at success.  

STEAM is a new educational philosophy not just put Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics together, it is a contemporary way of learning.  Kids are no longer sitting in the classroom to gain knowledge passively from teachers.  Instead, it is a fun yet interactive engagement process. 

With the in-class teamwork, communication and collaboration, kids are encouraged to understand the concepts, to ask questions, to explain their points of view and to make the conclusion for a specific topic in each lesson.  In FS Academy we trust this is one of the best ways to let students to learn independently and think critically, it will definitely help them to sharpen the problem-solving skills in real-live situation.

The beauty of FS Academy STEAM is to lit the fire of learning for youngsters thru creative and innovative topics.  It forms a strong foundation for kids to maintain an independent learning habit that could be useful for the rest of their life!  We hope to see you very soon in FS Academy!